Our Story


BOAID Humanitarian Foundation is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization working to address critical issues facing the most vulnerable and communities impoverished in Northeast Nigeria. We work with professionals, dedicated staff, and volunteers to provide and improve the quality of Camp management and camp coordination (CCCM), General protection, Education, WASH, HEALTH, and care for needy children while supporting the development of sustainable solutions for community growth.
BOAID runs a range of projects which rely on the skills, commitment, and enthusiasm of volunteers from around the Northern Nigeria. Our grassroots effort is dedicated towards assisting communities in their quest to achieve a healthy self-sustained life


  • Play a leading role in promoting sustainable Economic, Educational, Environmental and social development efforts in order to enhance the response to humanitarian relief needs while contributing to sustainable development within the targeted communities being served.
  • Enable the future generations to acquire the knowledge and competencies essential to wisely and safely accomplish their dreams.


  • Enhancing the collaboration between humanitarian agencies, government and non-government organizations with donors in order to meet the necessary needs of all Nigerian
  • Promoting the values of service, taking initiative and volunteerism.


Supporting the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) State  Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) and the Local Emergency Management Committee (LIMC) Camp Coordination and Camp Management in the area of Displacement and Return.

We intend to fulfill our mission by enhancing the quality and quantity of services within the health, education, and social development


Command a leading role in the line up of organizations involved in the development work in Nigeria and the world over.

Assess societal needs and develop projects and proposals accordingly.

Advocate and promote the rights of women and children in each sector.

Investigate the present circumstances of each sector by obtaining accurate statistics, through quantitative and qualitative research and analysis.

Promote and cooperate with Community-Based Organizations.



A neutral organization not driven by any political, regional or religious interests


We are a professional, developmental and humanitarian    organization


BOAID is accountable to its donors as well as to the beneficiaries


  • Provide and improve primary health care services through advancing the quantity and quality of healthcare services and facilities for women and children.
  • Participate in reducing the mortality and morbidity rates among mothers and children.
  • Participate in reducing the fertility rate.
  • Participate in reducing behavioral and environmental health risks.
  • Promote the well-being of women and elderly women with disabilities or debilitating disease.


  • Promote and improve educational services for women and children.
  • Participate in increasing enrollment rates and decreasing dropout rates.
  • Support higher education enrollment rates among women.
  • Promote feasible literacy and vocational training programs for women.


  1. Promote women’s participation in civil society institutions and in the decision making process.
  2. Improve social status of women.
  3. Chang incorrect social stigmas/concepts about women.
  4. Reduce poverty amongst women and children.
  5. Promote programs to assist “street children” and orphans.
  6. Promote programs, which help to eradicate socially deviant behavior.
  7. Promote Community Based Rehabilitation programs.